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FM Radio Penuel Technologies Ltd is your ideal source for Radio & Television Broadcasting Equipment.

We provide all Broadcast equipment for FM radio and TV stations . We specialize in Radio and Television Broadcasting Equipment and are a provider of high quality FM Transmitters exciters and Amplifiers - Low power FM transmitter (20W-2kW), medium power FM transmitter (2.5kW - 20kW), high power Solid State FM radio transmitters (8kw - 60kW), FM Broadcast Antennas, cavity filters, combiners, radio links, Turnkey Radio, On Air Studio Equipment, FM Radio Package, TV Transmitters: Analog and digital UHF and VHF transmitters and TV amplifiers, solid state technology. From 5w to 40kw (air cooled transmitters and liquid cooled transmitters)

FM TRANSMITTER 5000w 5kw FM Mono / MPX / Stereo Transmitter

Sound Transmitter EM5000 VHF FM Solid-State Transmitter Sound Broadcasting 5KW

FM Transmitters 5000W (5kW) air-cooled, new type with power supply plug-in

Eletec take this opportunity to inform you that we are introducing two new product lines ,which I think may be of great interest to all broadcaster’s

The first one are integrated FM Transmitters (compact) from 2KW, 4kW to 5KW (5000W), who in addition to owning the best energy efficiency possible today, they also have the power supplies pull out for easy maintenance and inexpensive servicing .

The second product line, is made by FM transmitters with Digital Generator, (and optional 6 band processing hot plug), which will be equipped with this new technology …

They will be commercially competitive, and they will be also able to Broadcast FM directly from Streaming-IP without the need for any other auxiliary equipment and without passing by any analogue circuits.

These devices are definitely ready in April FM Transmitters 2000W, 2500W, 3000W, 3500W, 4000W, and 5000W new type with power supply plug-

2 kW FM Mono / MPX / Stereo Transmitter

2KW Radio Broadcast FM Transmitter

The Broadcast Eletec FAL2000 is the most compact size 87.5-108 MHz 2kW FM Transmitter, high efficiency, solid state FM transmitter of 2000W rated power. With advanced self protection and LCD digital front panel control features., the FAL2000 is a19″ rack mount FM Transmitter, with last transistor technology..

10 Kw Stereo FM Solid State Transmitter

The ELETEC 10kw is realised with last technology, that allows drastic decrease of the temperature to a sensitive reduction of the consumptions.

ELETEC 10Kw is a system of total quality thanks to a diagnostic remote, fast and capillary assistance, low consumptions, duration in the time and it is easy to use.

Combining the basic form AMP 5000 we have gotten transmitters from 5Kw to 30Kw in configurations from 1+0 to N+1. All the components of the series shared the same characteristics to the RF module, power supply, logics of control, systems of protection, derating, facility of installation and simplicity of setup. The advantages of the module systems are as follows:

• All technological improvement on the basic product is directly transferred on the apparatuses of the serie

• Automatic diffusion of the knowledges and maintenance

• Interchangeability and independence of the each module base

• Common parts of exchange on the whole series System of the power supply switching by PFC (380 V. three-phases), high effi ciency. Logic proportional protection without interruption of the operation, predisposition for telemetry

The ELETEC Broadcast Transmitter 10Kw is composed by: 2 x AMP 5000, 3dB combiner in 2 input, + Exciter 25, Group fan aspiration of series, Rack from 18 Units 90Kg.

30-50Km coverage complete radio station with RF equipment and Studio equipment

Complete setup for Basic Radio station to cover 30Km without obstacles

Cost Effective » solution to start a radio Station.

Transmitter, Dipole Antenna, Coaxial cable, Studio Equipment.

Plug & Play Radio Station to cover 45 Km (in normal conditions without obstacles).

“Cost Effective” Entry level Professional Radio Station.

Trasmitter, 2-Dipoles Antenna, Coaxial Cable, Studio Equipment.

Broadcast Consolle with 2 “Built In” telephone hibryds, GSM Gateway and Telephone sets.

Complete Cables Set for equipment connections.

Professional Radio Station to cover 50 Km (in normal conditions without obstacles).


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