Easy CG, broadcast quality live graphics solution, is used for creating, displaying and controlling of different multimedia graphics. Graphics can be overlaid on live video in the system input/output as real time, or it gives output signal as Key and Field.

Modular Structure
Easy CG is consist of four modules; Easy BD Render, Easy VGX Draw, CGNews and VXA Builder. Easy BD Render; is the part of software’s engine, Easy VGX Draw; is the preparation module of graphic interfaces and templates, CGNews; is a module of graphic contents’ have changed and broadcasted. VXA Builder’ prepares tga sequential files and changes into usage format for Easy VGX Draw.
Preparing Templates of Project
Easy VGX Draw opens project windows. You can form texts, graphics and animations in every window by a multi-layer structure. You can broadcast your prepared projects immediately or broadcast as a playlist.
Structure of Multi-Layer
Enjoy working on multi-layer with VGX Draw. You can show animations, sliding texts with different speed, clock and pictures on output at the same time.
2D Forming Graphics
You may form high quality square, rectangle, circle or ellipse shaped graphics by Easy VGX Draw’s anti-aliasing technology. To these graphics, you can add pictures with different graphic formats and arrange their contents and change their alpha level.
Graphic Library by Rapid Access
There is large graphic archive library in Easy VGX Draw for reaching commonly used graphics rapidly. You can add graphics that you like to this library and you can use the graphics in this library for every graphic object.
Forming Playlist
You can prepare playlist by using projects that you formed in Easy VGX Draw. You can give transition effects among projects in playlist, decide their time of staying on output and form a playlist loop.
Graphic Motion
You can give input and output effects to monitor for each graphic object which is located in Easy VGX Draw Project. You can prepare effects by giving key frames like in Adobe Flash’s timeline structure. You can control your effects manually.
Reliable Graphic Engine
Easy CG’s modular structure, keeps CG system’s stability in maximum level. The module which is graphic created and the module which is graphic processed and broadcasted are different. Easy BD Render provides maximum security for your CG’s preparation and broadcasting.
Changing of Rapid Content and Presentation
CG News is a module that you can change the contents’ of your previous prepared projects rapidly and broadcast. With this module, you can form project list and broadcast the project that you like in the list by hot key. During these processes, it can fulfill your logo needs from the same module’s logo part.
Rich Graphic Objects
In Easy VGX Draw for fulfilling different graphic needs there are graphic objects such as; Crawl, Text, Animation, PText, Line, Box, Circle, Clock, Animated Clock. These graphic objects can be used one by one or with their combinations.
Preparing Animation Files
VXA Builder; it gets tga sequential files and changes into VXA format which is its private format. With the help of this structure you can broadcast the multiple animations on output without forcing your system.
Quality of Real Graphic
The quality of graphics which is used with anti-aliasing feature in the graphic technology developed by Easy CG is on the high level.
Internal and External Key
For keying Easy CG from video mixer you can make connection over DSK. For arranging internal key you can transfer video source over system. In this case, graphics that you prepared on Easy CG can be add to image lively.
You Can Use It as Logo Generator
Easy CG has got reliable and solid infrastructure and you can use it 24/7 continually. Because of that, it replies your needs of logo devices.