Pixel Pitch:10mm;16mm;25mm;31.25mm

VMS—Variable Message Sign
Porduct GVMS10 GVMS16 GVMS25 GVMS31.25
Pitch 10mm 16mm 25mm 31.25mm
Density 10000 pixels/㎡ 3906 pixels/㎡ 1600 pixels/㎡ 1024 pixels/㎡
LED Configuration 2R1G 1R1G1B 2R1G 1R1G1B 4R2G 4R2G1B 4R2G 4R2G1B
LED Type DIP346 DIP346 DIP346 DIP346 DIP510 DIP510 DIP510 DIP510
Brightness 7500 nits 7500 nits 8000 nits 8000 nits 10000 nits 12000 nits 10000 nits 12000 nits
Scan Method 1/4 1/4 Static Static Static Static Static Static
Module Size 320*160mm 320*160mm 256*128mm 256*128mm 200*200mm 200*200mm 250*250mm 250*250mm
Cabinet Material Aluminum (Double-layer Back Door)
Cabinet Weight ≤55kg/㎡
Protection Level IP65
Cabinet Maintenance Rear Service
Refresh Rate(Hz) 1920-3840HZ
Grey Scale 65536
Viewing Angle H110°,V50° H30°,V30°
Viewing Distance 200-300m
Max Power Consumption 300 w/㎡ 300 w/㎡ 300 w/㎡ 300 w/㎡ 200w/㎡ 200w/㎡ 200w/㎡ 200w/㎡
Average Power Consumption 100 w/㎡ 100 w/㎡ 100 w/㎡ 100 w/㎡ 70 w/㎡ 70 w/㎡ 70 w/㎡ 70 w/㎡
Voltage AC100~240V(50-63Hz)
Power On Methods Manually/Timing Switch/Remote Control
Electricity Protection Protection from Overload/Leakage/Short-circuit
Anti-thunder System Protect  Power and Signal from Thunder
Frame Rate 60
Brightness Adjustment 32/256
Brightness Adjustment Method Automatically adjust according to the brightness in the enviroment nearby
Control System Multiple screens at different places can be remote controled on the same device
Signal Ports 100M/1000M data cable,RS232,RS485,3G/4G,wifi
Sensors Compatible with brightness sensor, temperature sensor and humidity sensor
Working Temperature ﹣30℃-﹢60℃
Working Humidity 10%-90%RH