1). Compact Rugged Design
Mean the TK-90 is transportable and installation-friendly for vehicles and base stations. The low-power settings facilitate battery- and solar-powered usage in the field.

2). 300 Memory Channels
Capacity provides for custom operation and monitor frequency settings. Each channel has a programmable 12-character alphanumeric name for userfriendly channel selection via the backlit LCD.

3). Single Head Remote Option
The KRK-5 Remote Control Head option makes vehicular installation in any type vehicle possible. The control head can be mounted up to 7.6 meters from the transceiver unit mounted securely out of sight and out of the way under a seat, in the trunk or other compartment.

4). 6 Pro g rammable Function Keys
6 programmable backlit keys customize the unit to the specific needs and features of the operator day or night.

5). Enhanced Kenwood Audio
Enhanced Kenwood Audio optimizes voice frequency components for greater audio quality and clarity in even the most challenging ambient noise conditions and HF applications.

6). 100W Transmit Power
100W heavy-duty TX provides the punch for long-distance communications. The twin cooling fans and the enhanced heat sink dissipation characteristics mean reliable, stable transmission performance hour after hour.

7). High-stability TCXO
High-Stability TCXO ensures excellent frequency stability performance in most severe temperature environments.

8). Enhanced Security Features
Enhanced safety & security feature s include an emergency mode in all transmission modes – voice, CW, and Status Call. Status Call includes GPS positioning report (GPS interfaced board required). Also, the TK-90 has a non-erasable electronic serial number, a password-protected rewriteable embedded message and password-protected program data features for added security and ownership protection. Other security features support a data password.

9). Selective Call & Status Call
Selective Call enables individual, group or open calling ideal for distributed networks of HF transceivers with a silent standby feature for operators. The TK-90 Selcall is compatible with its predecessor model TK-80 and handles up to 999 IDs and with a programmable ID list to assign alphanumeric names to 100 IDs.

Status Call provides up to 70 pre-stored status numbers for simple non-voice messaging and a 50 status number list with programmable alphanumeric names that provides a userfriendly display of the status message.

10). VGS-1 Voice Guide and Storage Option
The optional VGS-1 Voice Guide and Storage Unit offers an audible announcement of channel numbers. Voice Storage provides four 15-second memory banks for recording memos and outgoing messages; it can also record incoming messages – 15sec. x 2 channels – for unattended response (the calling unit must send a status call for activation). Additionally, a convenient continuous recording function means you can always play back the last 30 seconds of reception for confirmation.

11). GPS & Voice Scrambler Port
Easy-installation port accommodates the optional VGS-1 unit, aftermarket GPS receiver boards or voice scrambler boards.