User Scenarios

MCR and PCR Recorder

Easy Ingest can record in XDCam HD and low resolution WMV, MPEG or any other format. In a MCR or PCR operation need a stable and flexible recorder to record the HD/SD SDI or analogue signals. These recorded files can be edited in any standard editing station, or directly can send to playout automation to send on-air. While recording for editing, you can record also for playout and also for archive purposes at the same time.

Radio and TV Monitoring Recorder

Easy Ingest can record 365/24/7 without any problem. Any source Analogue, HDMI, SDI, in HD or SD or any IP Source RTP, RTMP, UDP, WMV streams can be recorded in any resolution any format. Auto dating of files and folders helps to create auto date dependent archiving of files. Auto file transfer, delete or any other batch file can be run automatically for each record separately at every split.

Outside Broadcasting Recorder

Easy Ingest can be used at any OB Van or DSNG installation as a record station. Multiple different format recording option provides to users to capture in low resolution and high resolution files. While users want to record for social media and web usage purposed files while recording for re-broadcasting files in XDCAM HD 422, Sony IMX, or MPEG-2 or any other format and wrappers. From any HD/SD SDI signal.

Multi-Channel Multi-Format Ingest SD-HD-IP


• Multiple Sources and Formats

• Automated File Transfer and Removal after Ingest

• Easy Ingest Overlays Time and Date Separately on Each Recorded File or Stream

• User Friendly Interface

• Easy Re-Streaming of a Transport Stream to Flash Media, Wowza or a Windows Media Server.

• MPEG2 Transport Streams over UDP, TCP or RTP Protocols

• Common File Format Options with SD and HD Resolution

• Frame Rate and Aspect Ratio Resolution

• Ability to Customize the User Interface

• Preview of the Last 10 Media Records

• Recall of the Last User Interface Settings

• Log Records

• Help Console

• Remote Access and Control of the Easy Ingest Workstation

• Pre-Record Easy Ingest Capture Delay Compensation Option

• System and Software Status Indicators