Satellite Programmable(sending different messages to different transmitters via uplink)
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RDS 4500, the latest satellite-programmable version Radio Data System is an inaudible, digital information, transmission system, introduced by FM radio stations in addition to audio programs.

The latest radical development of this system now allows programming of the RDS Coder via satellite, an indispensable innovation that ONAIR has implemented with the creation of the RDS 4500.

RDS 4500 is extraordinary, not just because of this latest development, but also for the astonishing price which is guaranteed to surprise you. Designed to the highest standards, RDS 4500 is an innovative system, highly reliable, simple to operate, created for discerning broadcasters and capable of exploiting today’s evolving RDS technology.
With the RDS 4500, ONAIR will once more arouse the enthusiasm, which has become synonymous with its name.

Traditional programming. Satellite programming.
All the broadcaster’s data are stored in the RDS 4500’s memory via a PC program. Programming via satellite is a remarkable, novel feature, which makes the RDS 4500 unique.
All the local RDS data are programmed via the transmitting satellite’s (uplink) serial port. Data can be programmed separately, one by one, by connecting the serial port to the satellite receiver (down link).

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