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Optical fiber can be used as a medium for telecommunication and computer networking because it is flexible and can be bundled as cables. It is especially advantageous for long-distance communications, because light propagates through the fiber with little attenuation compared to electrical cables. This allows long distances to be spanned with few repeaters.

Each fiber can carry many independent channels, each using a different wavelength of light (wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM)).

For short distance application, such as a network in an office building, fiber-optic cabling can save space in cable ducts. This is because a single fiber can carry much more data than electrical cables such as standard category 5 Ethernet cabling, which typically runs at 100 Mbit/s or 1 Gbit/s speeds. Fiber is also immune to electrical interference; there is no cross-talk between signals in different cables, and no pickup of environmental noise. Non-armored fiber cables do not conduct electricity, which makes fiber a good solution for protecting communications equipment in high voltage environments, such as power generation facilities, or metal communication structures prone to lightning strikes. They can also be used in environments where explosive fumes are present, without danger of ignition. Wiretapping (in this case, fiber tapping) is more difficult compared to electrical connections, and there are concentric dual core fibers that are said to be tap-proof.


Companies have used two way radios as a primary source of communications between employees for many years. Unlike cell phones, radios provide instant communication at the click of a button. Other features that make two way radio communication powerful include:

  • Instant Access to All Personnel: Thanks to repeater networks, the limits of radio signals can be greatly expanded so everyone within range of a repeater can hear the communications
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Less disruptive communication around customers
  • Faster Service: Greatly reduces go-between time! Unlike a cell phone, you don't have to wait for a call to connect, nor do you have to spend time dialing the right number
  • ⦁ Increased Efficiency: Multiple staff can be dispatched or relocated promptly without having to be called individually
  • ⦁ Quick Schedule/Task Changing: Rescheduling and work-load delegating becomes easy and prompt
  • ⦁ Higher Productivity: Projects can be reassigned as they occur, backtracking is greatly reduced, and locating staff takes mere moments. The end result is a lower cost-per-project
  • ⦁ Lower Operating Expenses: Some companies reported saving as much as 35% in vehicle mileage do to improved communications. Reduced mileage also lowers maintenance costs and increases the life of field service vehicles

    Telecommunications in the 21st century has taken the whole world by storm and it is the most essential tool in the business sector of today. To stay ahead in the business environment you need to communicate with organizations. You need to get information across to the next continent at the touch of a button. We provide high end Telecommunication solutions of whatever proportion to your doorstep.


    The simplest definition of a network is a group of computers connected together for the purpose of sharing Information. This can span the same physical building known as a LAN (local area network), span cities and towns known as MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) and also span across continents WAN (Wide Area Network). We provide your network solutions, connecting your branch offices locally or even connecting offices worldwide to give you access to your critical files anywhere you are in the world. We provide integration of voice, video, and data with guaranteed network performance.


    The increase of LAN networks at the corporate level and the facilities offered to users require an interconnection of these networks, often covering large distances. Satellite communication systems make this connection possible, thereby allowing information transfer, shared use of distributed resources and remote access to database. We outsource WAN, LAN, Servers, Terminal devices specialized tools, Networking materials, Optic fibre accessories, display terminals

    We partner with some wireless equipment manufacturers to market and implement their products in Nigeria for our wireless enterprise solutions. We sell wireless Radios, Backhaul radios, wireless routers and last mile solution components.


    Supplier of networking equipments, two way radios, fiber optics, RF Materials, MIDs and Laptops.


    The Internet today is one of the most essential business tools of today where organizations can showcase their products reaching all the parts of the world. To have access to this service private individuals and organizations need to be connected to an Internet Service Provider which will provide them the access to the Internet either through a dial-up link or wireless link depending on the choice of the client. The need for fast Internet access is essential to the client. The deployment of an effective wireless Internet network with the right infrastructure plays a very vital role in the effectiveness of the network.

    Our platform delivers top quality and world class internet access for service and support infrastructures on both C-band and Ku-band respectively. It is based on a high powered Satellite capacity, covering the entire Africa Continent. We provide constant monitoring and management of all our links 24/7 x 360 free of charge through our structured NOC.


    We combine different technologies together into a complete workable solution. We provide solutions from Database applications, Web Technologies, VPN Technologies, Video Conferencing and other IT solutions available in the IT industry of today.


    With our state of art sophisticated GPRS / GSM Cameras, network operators can monitor cell sites remotely from a point. The software is capable of object tracking, Surveillance, Line crossing which helps to deter vandals from tampering with network equipments. We provide proactive, real time, 24 x 7 monitoring of network.

    With our access control system, you can structure and manage access to critical information resources. Our security solution services include:

  • Burglar Alarms
  • CCTV
  • Access Control
  • GPS Car Tracking System
  • Video IP Solutions
  • Perimeter Protection
  • X Ray Scanner and Metal Detector
  • Sound and Intercom Systems
  • Explosive Detection

    The high cost of energy made us to research into various alternative energy sources. We design, implement alternative energy such as Inverter system, off-Grid Solar Energy system for operators, Solar borehole, Solar/Hybrid Solar-Wind turbine power system, we also sell Gel batteries for Network back up power supply.

    Automated systems

    We provide component level repairs of automated systems such as Facsimile systems, multimedia projectors, currency note counters, etc. We design and customize display boards that are used in Banks, outdoor Adverts, Fast food industries etc.


    We design, install, implement and maintain audio/video networks ranging from Analogue, Digital and Terrestrial Television networks to meet the needs of the client using state of the art technology.


    Penuel achieves success in safety and fire alarm solutions through its steadfast commitment to quality. Penuel safety and fire alarm solution is designed for individual client, based on clientele needs. We handle conventional, Analogue Addressable, Addressable, Wireless Addressable systems, FM-200 Fire Suppression System and CO2- Fire Suppression System.


    We design and implement earthling and Lightning protection for Telecommunications companies, Public buildings, Equipment Rooms, Utility companies, Oil and Gas facilities with the latest protection systems in existence.


    With the state of the art equipment, our capacity to both cleanup and restore the soil to its natural form has been very commendable over the years. After the oil contaminated wastes (e.g grasses, nylon, tree shrubs etc) have been removed, the need to ensure that the soil is effectively cleaned and maintains its natural status cannot be over emphasized. To this end, remediation will be carried out depending on whether a marginal or comprehensive spill occurred.


    1. Solid waste disposal: for example, office waste, construction site waste etc

    2. Excavation / Cleaning and disposal of non-hazardous operations waste e.g. spent oils from maintenance work on equipment and separator pits.

    3. Desludging, cleaning and steam washing of petroleum products storage tanks


    1. Industrial effluent and air quality monitoring and control

    2. Environmental audit / inspection services

    3. Baseline / Post Assessment studies


    Because there is always the need to acquaint the knowledge base of our clients in the current environmental challenges facing the industry, our dedicated experts are always at hand to train members of staff of our customers. Technological changes, emerging threats, improved means of addressing environmental issues are only some of the reasons why it is imperative to train and retrain the personnel


  • Spectrum Analyzers
  • Signal Generator
  • Watt meter
  • DC Power supply
  • Soldering station
  • Safety Climbing kit
  • Sets of Torxs
  • Sets of Allen Keys
  • Adjustable Ratchets
  • Radio Programming Station
  • Rigging kits
  • Digital multimeter
  • Sets of Screws
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